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Choosing the Right Commode or Toilet Accessories

As we age, or become infirm the pleasure of soaking in the bath can be minimised or even taken from us if we have difficulty safely getting in and out of the bath. Similarly, if standing for extended periods is unmanageable, showering can become impossible.

Bathroom equipment such as a waterproof bath lift from Bathmaster or a simple shower seat can often provide the answer we need to taking care of our personal hygiene needs.

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Bathroom Solutions
Steps for Choosing Perfect Bathroom Aids

If you are considering bathroom equipment to enhance your independence around the home, our team at Additional Aids Mobility will be happy to help you choose the right equipment for your home and specific needs whilst also taking into consideration your home environment. Some equipment will require a specific bathroom configuration, while other products are designed to adapt to almost any angle, direction or shape and size of bath.

When choosing the correct bathroom aids for your mobility and independence needs, it is important to consider the following points:


Are the aids you are considering designed to prevent slipping, or other common dangers in the bathroom? The correct product should enhance both mobility and safety when using the bath or shower.


Is the material your bath is made from strong enough to withstand the bathroom aid you intend to purchase? Most metal baths are strong enough for seats, lifts and other alterations, however, many acrylic baths are unable to accommodate wedge in seats and need an even weight distribution to accommodate free-standing and removable bath seats.


What are the dimensions of your bath or shower cubical? It can be difficult to find appropriate aids for corner baths. Shower cubicles will generally be able to manage a shower seat however, double or folding doors will need to be considered along with the available space.


If your difficulty is mainly in the area of entering and leaving the bath or shower, but you have reasonable stability once you have gotten in, grab rails may be the best option for maintaining independence.

We Will Help You Choose the Best Solution

When making a final decision on your bathroom mobility aids it is important to consider your current needs and anticipated mobility requirements for the near future, along with the layout of your bathroom and measurements of the facilities housed there. Our team are qualified and able to competently advise you on all of the products we carry in store and online.

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