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To aid you within your home we have a range of commodes, toilet frames and raised toilet seats, allowing you to be comfortable yet discreet. As well as a range of mobile and bedroom commodes and toilet aids we also have a complete range of incontinence products, from underwear and pads to mattress protectors and seat protectors. Take a look at our brochure today to see our full range of commodes, toilet seats and other bathroom products. You can also visit our store in Whitton to see products and get advice on the best items for you and your needs. The store is easily accessible from Brentford, Hounslow and further.

benefits of commodes & toileting aids

  • High-quality products designed to last
  • Designed to be discreet and easy to use
  • Sturdy frames and extra support
  • Free help and advice from our friendly staff
  • Wide range of bathroom products to suit all mobility needs
  • No need for assistance when going to the bathroom

Toileting accessories

Mobile and Bedroom Commodes

A great solution for using the toilet without the need of additional help from a carer.

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Adjustable Toilet Frames

Available in a range of different materials. Our adjustable toilet frames are perfect for those with limited mobility and strength.

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Raised Toilet Seats

Our range of raised toilet seats makes it easier and less of a struggle to sit down and stand up.

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Incontinence Aids and Protection

We have a large choice of incontinence products to suit all needs, from underwear and pads to mattress and seat protectors.

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Grab Rails

For extra support, and to help you feel more secure, we have a range of grab rails to keep you safe and avoid accidents.

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Shower Seats

If you do not have a bath and cannot stand for too long, our shower seats are a great solution so you can have a relaxing shower independently.

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