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Guide to Buying an Electric Bed

It is important to choose a bed that is appropriate for your current sleeping requirements. If you have deteriorating condition, it is advisable to “future proof” your bed by electing to go for an adjustable model that can be adapted to meet any foreseeable needs too.

Our range of orthopedic electric profiling beds and mattresses all offer smooth motorized action and can accommodate a range of positions for optimal comfort.

When making your choice of bed, we recommend that the following points are considered.

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Steps for Buying an Electric Bed

At Additional Aids Mobility, our experienced team hold qualifications to carry out an assessment of your mobility needs and guide you to the best electric profiling bed for your individual requirements.

Our range of orthopaedic electric profiling beds and mattresses all offer smooth motorised action and can accommodate a range of positions for optimal comfort. When making your choice of bed, we recommend that the following points are considered.

Will you be able to try the bed before you make a purchase?

Just like any bed purchase, it is advisable to try an electric profiling bed for comfort before you make your purchase. Lie down on the mattress to test it for comfort and ease of getting on and off the bed. It is wise to also check how easy it is to reach the controls for adjusting the bed from each of the positions you will be using it.

Understand the adjustable features your require.

The more features a bed has, the higher the price tag will be. We advise on making a list of features that you wish to have incorporated into the electric profiling bed. This should not only cover the range of positions you can achieve, but also safety functions such as an anti-entrapment mechanism that senses an obstruction such as a sleeping partner’s leg or carer’s arm is in the way of the bed’s movement.

Will the electric profiling bed fit in your room?

Unlike standard beds, electric profiling beds come in different sizes. Check the dimensions of your room and access ways for delivery to ensure it will fit through the door, hallway and stairs to your bedroom. Once in place, the bed will need to have access to a powerpoint so the electric mechanisms have power – will the power cord reach the power point from the location you intend the bed to be placed?

Do you have a specific condition that requires an electric profiling bed?

Some respiratory and circulatory conditions can be alleviated with the use of an electric profiling bed. Not only will they make sleeping and leisure activities such as reading or watching television easier and more comfortable, by raising the lower section or the top section of the bed, a reduction in blood pressure and increased circulation or an easier position for respiratory function can be achieved.

If you have complex or changing health needs, it is advisable to seek advice from a medical professional about the type of electric profiling bed that may best suit you. An Occupational Therapist or Community Nurse with the NHS should be able to provide you with sound, unbiased advice.

Will a carer be helping the user in or out of the bed?

If a carer is helping you in or out of bed it is advisable to choose a bed with height adjustment options to allow them to work at a safe level when assisting you or giving treatments. If a hoist is required to help the bed user in and out of the bed, an adjustable height can make this easier.

For those who are liable to fall of bed and hurt themselves, an adjustable height so they are lower to the floor when sleeping is advisable. The height can then be adjusted on waking to assist the user in getting out easily.

We Will Help You Choose the Best Solution

Our professional team in store at Whitton, West London are experienced in explaining the benefits of purchasing an electric profiling bed and how it can be used to relieve mobility and other health concerns.

Additional Aids Mobility are also members of the British Healthcare Trades Association, so you can be sure your purchases meet British Standards and are quality assured.

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