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Guide to Buying Specialist Seating

As we age, our body changes and we may find that it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a stable and comfortable position when seated on the sofa or in an armchair.

Posture and positioning when seated are important as they affect our skin, muscle health and flexibility. Chairs that do not support us correctly can cause tissue or joint pain, and with persistent or extended use, can exacerbate or instigate health issues.

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Steps to Choosing the Perfect Specialist Seating for You

At our shop in Whitton, West London, we stock a range of high backed chairs, riser recliners and other specialist seating to aid comfort and mobility.

We are also able to measure customers for bespoke seating that will meet specific health and mobility requirements.

When choosing specialist seating, we recommend the following steps are taken to
ensure the perfect choice for your individual needs is made.
Are additional accessories required?

If you are considering a high backed chair, you may also wish to purchase an accompanying footrest so the user can raise their feet and increase their comfort level. If this is the case, the user should be measured for both the chair and the footrest to ensure that both are the correct size and height and will not lead to undue pressure or muscle strain.

Most riser recliners come with an extendable footrest incorporated within the chair. To activate this, a lever is pushed forward or a button is pressed to extend the foot support section.

In some instances, additional cushioning may be required to avoid problems with pressure sores, being insecure when seated or incorrect posture. Headrests, seat and back cushions or specially shaped supports can further enhance comfort in specialist seating for people with specific health needs or posture difficulties.

Will the seller measure you for the high back, rise recliner or other specialist seat?

When choosing any type of specialist seating, it is important that the dimensions are a good fit for your body. The correct seat height and depth will reduce pressure on the backs of legs and strain on your back, it will also dictate how easy it is to get in and out of the chair. Armrests and headrests should be of the correct height for your body to encourage good posture and avoid strain on muscles.

Along with the correct dimensions of the chair for your body size, supports such as the chair’s structure or additional cushioning, should be placed in such a way as to support the head and arms, plus keep your hips and knees level with each other.

Do you have specific needs that specialist seating can help with?

There are many reasons one may decide to purchase specialist seating. The time we spend sitting down increases as we age and it can become increasingly difficult to get comfortable in standard seating. Some health issues and disabilities also require specialist seating to either aid rehabilitation, or mitigate the chances of a condition worsening through poor posture, or undue pressure being put on particular areas the body.

Your individual needs will be a major consideration when deciding if a high back chair, riser recliner or specialised seating is most appropriate for aiding your comfort, mobility and posture.

If you are simply having trouble getting in and out of your chair, a riser recliner may well be the answer you are looking for. If you have a specific health condition such as recovering from a stroke or spina bifida, chairs with adjustable supports such as back rests, head supports and seating bases might be more appropriate. The Disabled Living Foundation have a comprehensive resource on all types of specialist seating.

Where is the seat to be located?

If choosing a riser recliner or specialised seat, it is likely that the chair will need to be located close to a power point. Although some riser recliners have manual controls, unless you have the strength and dexterity to operate these, it is advisable to have an electrically operated chair installed. These allow the user to tilt and otherwise adjust the seating at the touch of a button.

We Will Help You Choose the Best Solution

Our team at the store in Whitton, West London are qualified and experienced in measuring customers for specialist seating – be it ready-made or bespoke seating.

We are also happy to provide consultations on specialist seating in the comfort of your own home and can arrange to visit with a selection of chairs which may be suitable.

These consultations are obligation free and include a friendly assessment of the user’s physical needs and surrounding space to ensure the right chair is selected.

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