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How to Travel with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Outrank | 09 August, 2021

Travelling with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator 

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 18% of the world’s population lives with chronic respiratory conditions. With these numbers in mind, it is not surprising that many people are looking for ways to enjoy a more active lifestyle while managing their condition. One way to do this is by travelling with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC). Here we will discuss how you can travel with a POC and explore some of the benefits associated with using one on your travels!

The portable oxygen concentrator, a perfect device for on the go

Travelling for your holiday destination? Be prepared, so you don’t have to worry about running out of oxygen. The portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is a perfect solution when the user may be on the go and need their device with them at all times. Unlike traditional tanks that can become heavy or clumsy, this lightweight yet durable POC will allow you plenty of freedom as it’s easy to transport anywhere!

Portable oxygen devices are battery operated. You can charge your batteries with power from a wall outlet or car charger, but you’ll need more than one for continuous use. With our selection of portable concentrators available online today, we have something to suit anyone’s needs!

How Do I Transport My Concentrator?

When you can’t rely on the oxygen levels in your environment, it’s important to have a backup. Your concentrator is an essential investment because of its importance as a life-saving device for those who require supplemental oxygen therapy. You may be required to pack the battery with your concentrator if travelling by plane and not using onboard oxygen while travelling or taking long distances over the land like car/bus travel that requires constant refuelling at stations along the way without any safe places available for resting stops where one could plug their machine into outlets so they don’t run out of power before arriving at destinations far from home.

Should you be flying? It is recommended to pack it in a carry bag or use a cart while travelling by plane if possible as airlines may require that batteries be removed from devices prior to boarding planes for safety reasons.

Flying with an Oxygen Concentrator

There is a chance that you can fly with your oxygen tank if you prepare ahead of time. You should talk to your doctor about it, and in most cases, they will recommend not flying while using an oxygen tank.

Flying with a POC (Personal Oxygen Concentrator) is possible, but there are some rules that must be followed when going on the plane for safety reasons – like keeping the device easily accessible at all times so someone else doesn’t take control over it or have access to pressurise air into its chambers because outside air has less O2 than what’s inside aeroplanes! 

Different Airlines, Different Rules 

Portable oxygen concentrators were designed to be as unobtrusive and easy to use as possible. That’s why they are often referred to a POCs, or persons onboard devices. Your airline may ask for documents if you plan on using one during your flight; contact us with any questions!

Car, Caravan and Camper 

When you’re planning a short car ride or long road trip, it is easy to transport your portable oxygen machine in the vehicle. When purchasing a POC, there will be an included DC power cable that can work for internal use as well as on roadsides and campgrounds. Make sure not to leave your concentrator inside of the hot or cold cars when they are parked! Always read over any user manual about instructions before using one and always follow them accordingly. If camping sounds like something fun while travelling with this device then make sure to contact campsites where desired because most times people are allowed but may have different requirements depending on space availability so check ahead first.

Train, Bus and Boat 

You can use your portable oxygen machine on the train, bus and boat in most cases. However, we recommend that you contact the public transport operator if you have any questions or doubts about using a medical device with them before booking tickets because they will be able to give more information than us.

For More Information or to Buy a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Contact Us Today! 

It can be challenging to find the right equipment when you need it. That’s why Additional Aids Mobility is here for you! We are a company that specialises in helping people with disabilities and mobility issues enjoy their lives more fully by providing them with mobility products, such as portable oxygen concentrators. If your needs include going on holiday but not wanting to give up your portable oxygen concentrator, we have the information and resources needed so that this isn’t an issue at all. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you travel hassle-free!

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