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Maintaining a Safe & Comfortable Wheelchair

Having your wheelchair fail can greatly impact your quality of life. That’s why at Additional Aids Mobility we offer a comprehensive repairs, service and support service for our customers.

We are qualified and authorised by the wheelchair’s manufacturers to service and repair both manual and powered wheelchairs sold by us.

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The Best Way to Maintain Your Wheelchair

Our experienced team at Additional Aids Mobility are able to address all five of the most common problems that occur with wheelchairs, and more.

• Worn-out, ill-fitting, damaged upholstery or additional cushioning for your chair can be addressed by our team either in our store or at your home.

• Damaged or unresponsive freewheel levers can be fixed quickly and efficiently.

• Battery issues with powerchairs such as deteriorating operational time is often a sign that the battery for your electric wheelchair needs replacing.

• Problems with lack of responsiveness are often associated with wear of essential parts and are often fixed with a simple replacement of the offending part.

You can expect the following from a wheelchair service at Additional Aids Mobility:


Careful and detailed repair work on upholstery to ensure your comfort.


Competitive wheelchair hire rates if you require a replacement chair while your wheelchair is being repaired.


Quick and professional battery replacements.


Quick, efficient and professional servicing at competitive rates. At-home servicing typically takes around an hour to complete, in-store services are completed within a half-day. In-store servicing typically costs between £55 and £85 (not including parts).


Quality, manufacture approved, replacement of any worn or damaged parts.

We Will Help You Choose the Best Solution

We advise you to maintain your wheelchair in the best condition possible with regular cleaning, charging the battery, and ensuring freewheel levers are in the correct positions for the intended function.

Regularly servicing an electric wheelchair every two years should keep issues such as loose connections and poor battery life at bay.

Our experienced and professional team in Whitton, West London will be happy to answer any questions you have about both manual and powered wheelchair maintenance and arrange a service for you either at the store, or your home.

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