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At Additional Aids Mobility, to ensure customer and product satisfaction of your mobility scooter and its maintenance, we offer a wide range of mobility scooter batteries suitable for the scooter you own and rely on. Furthermore, as part of our professional service, we have a highly trained and experienced team who will thoroughly service and maintain your scooter, providing you with peace of mind that your scooter is fully functioning to the highest standard for years to come.


  • We can advise you on the correct tyre pressure for your mobility scooter to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.
  • Our team is highly trained and experienced so you can be sure your scooter will be looked after properly.
  • We have scooter batteries for all makes and models at competitive and affordable prices.
  • Our team at Additional Aids Mobility will come out to see you if you need help with the maintenance or service of your scooter.
  • Our specialist maintenance team can install batteries for your mobility scooter quickly and professionally.

If you would like your scooter servicing or some advice, please get in touch on 020 3369 5022

Mobility Scooter Batteries & Servicing

In store we offer mobility scooter batteries for all makes and models, styles and sizes at affordable prices so you need not compromise your independence and freedom to get around. Battery life can vary dependent on the scooter you own and use, so at Additional Aids Mobility we stock a wide range so you never have to go without. We cater for all ranges, whether you need a battery for a compact scooter, mid-size scooter for outdoor use or a heavy-duty scooter for the road and pavement terrain. All installed by our specialist maintenance team, each battery is fitted professionally and quickly. All batteries in the range we offer are renowned for their reliability and safety. With their sealed for life design, this reduces any danger of battery fluid spillage.

If you would like your scooter servicing or some advice, please

get in touch on 020 3369 5022

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