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Insurance and Peace of Mind for Your Mobility Scooter

While it’s not a legal requirement to take out insurance for your mobility scooter, it is certainly wise to do so.

Having mobility insurance for your scooter or powerchair will cover you against accidents both to your scooter and for any other property or people.

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How to Choose the Best Policy

At Additional Aids Mobility, we offer insurance for mobility scooters and power chairs at varying levels of cover. Our insurance is provided through First Senior Group so that you can ensure your peace of mind should any accident or unfortunate incidents occur while you are out on your scooter.

Our team at the Whitton store in West London are experienced and qualified in taking people through the details of the insurance we offer and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the type of policy that will best suit your needs.


What class of scooter do you have? If it is categorized as a class 3 invalid carriage, you will need to ensure it is registered with the DVLA as well as choosing an insurance policy to cover you against breakdowns and damage.


What level of cover is best for you? If you plan on using your mobility scooter on roads, or in heavy pedestrian traffic, it is advisable to secure a policy that covers you for damage to the scooter and third parties.


Where will your scooter be stored? Similar to car insurance, the home for your scooter may impact the premium that you need to pay for the policy you take out.


Do I need cover for breakdowns or unplanned maintenance? Our scooters come with comprehensive warranties, however, breakdown cover and insurance against damage or breakages can provide an increased level of security for peace of mind.

We Will Help You Choose the Best Solution

Our team at the store in Whitton, West London are fully qualified to competently sell mobility scooters. This means that not only can they provide a comprehensive assessment of your mobility scooter needs, but they can also talk knowledgeably to you about the insurance options available and help you to ascertain the best level of cover for your requirements – with no obligations attached.

Please contact us or visit us in store to discuss your mobility scooter needs.

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