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Luxury Commode Chair

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This attractive, height adjustable, luxury commode chair has a comfortable, waterproof covering. …

Product Description

Luxury Bathroom Chairs

Additional Aids carries a wide range of high-quality, robust commode chairs. The seats for sale in this section are available in various styles, many of which have been designed to blend into standard furniture. If you’re looking for something that can be used as an extra seat or an occasional bedside table when guests come over, consider a shower chair with wheels so it is easy to move around and fold up out of the way if not needed (this will also save space). For those who need more stability than what’s offered by most folding models but don’t want anything too bulky either – try one made from aluminium instead; these take less storage space and won’t rust as steel ones do!

This attractive, height adjustable, luxury commode chair has a comfortable, waterproof covering. It has a metal frame and two strong armrests which will offer support to users. The lid on this chair can be easily taken out to offer extra space and comfort when in use. When not in use the lid can be placed back on for a more pleasing appearance. These chairs will look stylish in the bedroom or living room, available in three attractive colours.

How Does a Luxury Commode Chair Work?

A bedside commode is a perfect solution for those who can’t get out of their beds. It’s a movable toilet that does not use running water and has a bucket or container underneath it so no one needs to be cleaning up after themselves all day long!

A bedside commode provides an easy way for people with mobility issues, incontinence problems, dementia patients in group care settings (like nursing homes) or anyone else confined to the home due to illness – like during flu season-to have their most basic need met while remaining safely at home. 

Buy Luxury Commode Chair Online

Luxury Commode Chair has a removable lid that gives the chair an aesthetic appearance and enables very easy cleaning. It has a durable metal frame that supports a generously padded seat, complete with waterproof covers. We offer a range of attractive colours to offer a more pleasing appearance so that your luxury commode chair fits in your bedroom or living room interior. For more information on our luxury commode chair, be sure to contact the helpful team at Additional Aids Mobility


Maximum User Weight: 21.5 stone

SKU: PR50544


SKU: PR50544