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Our wheelchair rental rates

Daily Weekly Monthly Elevating leg rests
£8 £25 £75 £5 extra per week

Wheelchair Sales & Wheelchair Hire

Facilitating independence and positively influencing quality of life is a primary benefit of the wide range of wheelchairs & wheelchair hire we have to offer at Additional Aids Mobility. With the choice to buy or rent, we can cater for all specifications and requirements you may have, to help make getting around that little bit easier.

At Additional Aids Mobility we stock a variety of styles, from manual and transit wheelchairs to folding wheelchairs. If you need to hire a wheelchair on a temporary or short-term basis, then our wheelchair rental service will provide you with a chair, which will meet your requirements.

Wheelchair Rental London

We can ensure supreme comfort from all our chairs, no matter what their purpose. At Additional Aids Mobility wheelchair rental London we are aware that the use of a wheelchair may be necessary on a full-time basis, or just occasionally when walking may become difficult and mobility issues take effect. Within our collection you have the choice of simple manual attendant pushed chairs or self-propelled chairs. With our professional, expert guidance we can help you find a wheelchair that works with your lifestyle, and maximises your freedom and dynamic life.

Each different style within both our manual and self-propelled chairs is available in a host of different sizes to suit all and have removable footrests for added comfort when desired. We also stock a number of wheelchair accessories, such as wheelchair cushions for our manual range for added comfort.

Wheelchair Rental London

  • Self-propelled and attendant wheelchairs for hire
  • Small deposit required
  • Ideal for temporary or short-term use
  • We will cater for all your specific requirements
  • We have a variety of styles and models in stock
  • We use our expertise and experience to advise you

Attendant Wheelchairs

Our easy to store and transport transit wheelchairs are ideal if being pushed, come with removable footrests and half-folding backrest.

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Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Ideal for those who can manoeuvre themselves. They are also easy to transport and come with removable footrests and a half-folding backrest but can still be pushed if needed.

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