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Riser Recliner Chairs to Meet Your Needs

Bespoke or ready-made riser recliner chairs are perfect for people with mobility difficulties, pressure relief needs or who spend long periods sitting in one position.

It is always wise to try a range of riser recliner chairs before purchasing to ensure a good fit for your body shape and specific needs.

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How to Choose a Riser Recliner

Our Whitton store in West London has a range of riser recliner chairs and a team of knowledgeable staff who can talk you through the features of all the chairs we retail as well as run an assessment and take measurements to ensure the chair chosen is a perfect match for your body shape and personal requirements.

Our bespoke range of riser recliners are manufactured in England by A J Way who have an excellent reputation for custom built specialist seating and offer a wide range of styles and fabrics to suit any home.

Choosing the right riser recliner can be a difficult task and we suggest the following points are considered before purchase:


Measurements and assessments – Measurements of the intended users legs, back, arms, height and weight should be taken. An assessment of the users mobility, balance and comfort needs should also be carried out. We offer both at-home and in-store assessments.


Specific medical conditions – Serious back problems, balance difficulties or needing to sleep in the chair for extended periods will influence the choice available for riser recliners.


Guarantees and returns policies – To be sure a riser recliner is right for you, you’ll need to be measured or assessed by our experienced staff to ensure a perfect fit . Most of our chairs also come with up to 7 years warranty.


Space in your home – You will need to ensure there is enough space in your home to accommodate a riser recliner in its fully extended position and a mains power socket will need to be close by.


Weight restrictions – If the chair is not designed to carry your weight it can become unstable and dangerous to use.


Delivery and set-up – Riser recliner chairs are heavy. We offer free local delivery and set up to ensure your chair is ready to use straight away.

We Will Help You Choose the Best Solution

Our qualified staff are able to provide no-obligation, in-store, or at-home assessments for riser recliners. While all riser recliner chairs we stock are of high quality, we also try to maintain our new riser recliners are correspondingly cost-effective.

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