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Relieve Pressure, Sit Safely & Comfortably in Specialist Seating

There are many conditions and reasons that someone may be unable to sit stably and comfortably in normal seating. In such cases, specialist seating may be required to avoid pressure, posture and further mobility issues.

Specialist seating is designed to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers for people who sit for long periods by ensuring an equal distribution of the user’s weight with integrated pressure management systems.

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How to Choose Specialist Seating

It is advisable to carefully consider the user’s needs when choosing specialist seating. Different conditions will require differing features. For example, stroke patients may require additional flexibility so the chair can be altered to support rehabilitation while spina bifida sufferers will usually require fully adjustable backrests to maintain comfort and reduce pressure damage to tissue.

To ensure you purchase the correct specialist seating, begin by asking yourself the following:


How is the user transferred from the chair to a powerchair, wheelchair or bed?


Is the user able to sit up on their own? If so, for how long?


Will the user be able to change their position on their own?


Where and how is their discomfort experienced when sitting?


Is the user at risk of sliding out of a chair?


Will the user be able to operate the chair on their own?

We Will Help You Choose the Best Solution

Our professional seating specialists will be able to take you through a basic assessment in store and if you are local, can give at-home assessments if this is more convenient.

Our store in Whitton has easy access through the front door for those with mobility issues and we stock a wide range of chairs that can be tried before a purchasing decision is made.

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